Welcome To The Home of Graphic Art T-shirts in Ireland

Yeah, yeah… we know… you’re already asking yourself “who the hell would call a graphic art t-shirt company The Sick Pigeon?” We ask ourselves that question everyday but for some reason it seems to have grown on us and stuck.

The name itself comes from one of our first designs for a tee that was made late one night by one of our in-house designers. We think the little fella is pretty cool even if he’s a little odd, and that’s just the designer…

All our shirts are of high quality, sustainable, organic cotton and our inks are all Eco-friendly. So you wont just look good but know you’re helping out with the environment when you wear something from The Sick Pigeon… That sounds so wrong… Anyways, have fun and we hope you like what you see!

The Sick Pigeon Logo